The Big Issue Foundation

Run with us to support Big Issue vendors across the UK!

To complement the self-help ethos of The Big Issue magazine, The Big Issue Foundation was set up to support Big Issue vendors that have chosen to work themselves out of poverty by selling The Big Issue magazine. Vendors buy magazines for £1.50 and sell to the public for £3, keeping the difference.

Our mission is to connect Big Issue vendors to the vital support and specialist services that enable them to rebuild their lives and determine their own pathways to a better future. We want to enable vendors to turn their livelihood into a life.

Over the last 12 months, we have raised over £2m to support Big Issue vendors across the UK, and provided over 7,252 mental health and emotional wellbeing support contacts.

When you take part in an event for The Big Issue Foundation and you will help end poverty, exclusion, and homelessness for Big Issue vendors across the UK.

Not only will you get advice and support with your training and fundraising all the way up to your event day and beyond you also get an official Big Issue Foundation running vest which we hope you will wear with pride, knowing that your fundraising will be making a BIG impact for the people that need it the most.

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