Why Run For a Charity?

If you decided to run for charity in 2016 it's worth remebering why you've decided to do so. There are lots of different reasons why people run for charity. Some run for a cause they care about, or that is close to their heart. Others run in remembrance for a loved one or friend who was supported by a charity’s good work.

Then, let’s face it, some of us run because we want to lose weight, and need an extra, positive push to get us off that couch! Running for a charity is a fantastic motivator for getting healthy and avoiding the beer and chocolates.

But whatever your reason, running for a charity is an amazing thing to do, and should definitely be on your bucket list.

Did you know there are now over 160,000 registered charities and foundations in the UK? They come in all shapes and sizes, from those with thousands of staff to the one-man bands working out of their bedroom. And all of them are amazingly special.

Here at HQ one of the big questions we get is, ‘Which charity should I run for?’ We always go back with the same answer: why not support more than one charity? Find a cause you have a connection with, whether it is a personal or family connection, or that you want to support.

It could be close to home or far away, but finding your connection is key to your fundraising success – click here to find your charity.