Youth Sport Trust

Royal Parks Half Marathon

Date: 13th Oct 2024

Minimum Age: 17

Deadline: 31st May 2024

Hyde Park, London

This is the most spectacular half marathon that central London has to offer - it is a unique and inspiring event. 

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Royal Parks Half Marathon

Youth Sport Trust is the UK’s leading charity improving every young person’s education and development through sport and play. These are extraordinary times for young people and things have become critical for their health and happiness.
We live in a world where we are moving less, where digital technology is having an increasing impact on young lives and where more children feel lonely and disconnected. The pandemic has made these problems worse and led to those from disadvantaged backgrounds falling further behind. Millions of young people are missing out on the benefits that play and sport bring, and we know that when children are unhealthy and unhappy, they are less able to learn.
We need to take urgent action now to help build back young people’s health, happiness and resilience. We cannot create change alone, we need as many people as possible to become changemakers to help us reclaim play and sport in children’s lives. Sport gives young people a platform to have their voice heard and a place to feel they belong. Together, we will build a brighter future where every child enjoys the life-changing benefits of play and sport.

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Registrations for this event are not currently open, but we would love for you to run for us when they reopen. Please register and we will inform you about next year's event details as soon as they are released.

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