Yoga for Charity Runners

Yoga for Charity Runners 

Is all that training for all those upcoming charity runs making you a little stiff! Well, don’t worry you are not the only one and good news is we can help you – with a dirty four letter word Y-O-G-A! Yes, yes we know you are busy and the thought of being in a room with contortionists might feel a little overwhelming, even to the most flexible charity runner. No more excuses, we at Run for Charity are here to shout out about how fantastic yoga for our charity runner’s. Yoga has never-ending possibilities to improve your wellbeing and get you ready for your charity running event. It’s not just for those starting out in charity running, seasoned charity runners will also greatly benefit from rolling out a yoga mat. From fun runs for charity to our ultra charity running events such as a marathon for charity – yoga comes with a run for charity tick of approval – we think it’s great for everyone.


Run for charity benefits of Yoga for Runners:

  • Combats stress
  • Increases strength
  • Improves flexibility
  • Increases mental awareness
  • Encourages ‘Me Time’
  • Benefits breathing patterns, especially for runners
  • Possible improvement on running times
  • Assists with weight loss


Run for charity Top Tips to get started: 

1.   The right place.

Find a place that is right for you. With an abundance of yoga styles, teachers and locations (including naked yoga on the alps surrounded by goats – we are not kidding), there are sure to be some classes that are not right for you. If a class isn’t to your preference, then try another. The most important aspect of yoga is the consistency of actually doing it – this is far more important than the type of yoga practiced.

2.  Play it Safe.

Remember your charity and all your fundraising sponsors are relying on you – so don’t be a git and overstretch on your first class, resulting in missing months of training due to injury. Always let your teacher know it is your first class and ensure that you mention any weaknesses or injury so you can adapt the poses to protect yourself.

3.    Schedules are key

It is advisable to look at your charity running plan and ensure that your yoga classes fit in with your new routine, and we are not just talking about timing. Make sure than on an intense training week you stick to yoga styles that are gentle and focus on stretching and relaxation whilst during winter months or when your charity running training is less intense – then this is the time to challenge yourself with yoga. Ensuring that your yoga and charity running work together will eliminate the risk of pushing your body too far and hurting yourself.

4. Yoga is for life

You may be a charity running extraordinaire, yes you have smashed out 3 charity runs this year and your next challenge is a marathon for charity or even an obstacle race for charity but please pause. Yoga is a sacred form or exercise and to It can take years to perfect yoga poses, so what we are basically saying is – don’t expect to be a yoga master after a couple of classes (or even after a year of classes). Enjoy the classes and initially focus on relaxation and your body instead of tracking your ability.

5. Every Body is unique

This is true in all facets of life. You may have teamed  with charity running buddies who have had different skills and fortes, one may be a master at sticking to their charity running schedule, the other may be a fantastic fundraiser and this is what makes us special and interesting. The biggest mistake you can make in yoga classes is comparing yourself to other, our bodies all work in different ways and have different tight spots, therefore a turtle pose may be easy for you however the downward dog is almost impossible, but all your new yoga friends seem to have mastered it already. Be calm, be kind to yourself, focus on your breathing and don’t look around the classroom.

Yoga for Charity Runners