Get Off The Sofa!

Are you sitting on the sofa whilst reading this, thinking about how you should really go out for a training session, but struggling to find the motivation, or formulating a worthy excuse for yourself in your head? We all do it! Running for charity is a good excuse to stop those bad habits and start getting healthy.

Here are our top tips for getting yourself off the couch and getting healthy:

Training Schedule

Set yourself a training schedule that you know you can fit in around your work and other commitments- and stick to it with no excuses. Once you miss one, its too tempting to miss more.

Training Partner

Train with a friend - that way you can help keep each other motivated.

Just do it

Don't think about it too much! This just gives you a chance to cop out. Get out there as soon as you get up or as soon as you get in from work, that way you can chill out guilt free afterwards.


Give yourself days off so that your training schedule is not relentless and you have a chance to recover.


Pre-plan a reward for yourself when you get back from your training session. This does not have to be food related- it could be a new magazine to read or watching your favourite TV show.

Get Off The Sofa!