Essential Kit - The Sports Bra

It doesn't matter what distance you have decided to run for charity, for ladies of every shape and size, a sports bra is as essential for running as a good pair of trainers. Making a good investment now will pay dividends in the future as you will be protecting your best assets against the effects of high impact training.

Your breasts are supported and held in place by ligaments, which will be put under strain as you move whilst running. Ligaments can't simply stretch back into place so to avoid sagging and discomfort in the future, you really need to try and minimise the amount of movement when you run.

The best way to do this is to wear a highly supportive sports bra, which will minimise stretch and strain and keep your breasts comfortable as you run. This is also a god send for larger sized ladies as properly supported, you will feel confident to get out there and run without discomfort and safe in the knowledge that you have protected yourself.

Get the right fit: The support comes from the band around your chest, not from the shoulder straps so make sure that the band is level and fits snugly all the way around. Runners should always choose maximum support sports bras- whatever your cup size. As long as you select this, you can choose a style you feel most comfortable in. Encapsulating styles are best for those with larger cup sizes.

You should follow the instructions on the care label of your sports bra, but be sure to change it regularly to ensure you get maximum support as this will deteriorate over time.