Charity Runner’s Guide To Me Time

Charity Runner’s guide for Special Me Time

Run for Charity = Time for me

In our busy lives, most of us find it difficult to get any time to ourselves. Pair this notion up with signing up for a charity run and you will find yourself a very busy bee!  The good news is that when you have signed up for our charity runs, it is a great time to reflect on all the other facets of life,  (you are sure to be  juggling a few) to find out what is truly important  as well as fitting in  some special me time!

Why do charity runner’s need Special Me Time:

When embarking on your charity running journey, you have already taken such a great leap by signing up for our charity runs, but alongside your new charity running training sessions it is extremely important to practice self-care. Unfortunately life is full of stress and the changes that your new charity running training plans may bring as well as the amount of people counting on you – make it extremely important to look after your wellbeing and health.  This means being conscious of your physical and mental needs while continuing to be stoic & epic whilst supporting the charity you have chosen to run for. Tiredness and stress can get the better of even the most seasoned charity runner and leave you prone to injury or even worse abandoning your charity running event due to your busy schedule – this is not cool and could be very embarrassing when you have already started your fundraising for charity!

Charity runner’s who make time for themselves feel happier, healthier and more robust, leaving them better prepared to cope with any challenges their charity running journey may throw at them. Special me time = ready to take on the woooorld!

Adequate time by yourself, just you, is quintessential for relaxation and the ability to reflect on the important facets of life. Relaxing is also beneficial to keeping our hearts healthy, and maintaining efficient digestion.  Your special me time doesn’t need to be filled with candle-lit rooms and levitating yoga postures – although a massage would be nice thanks? It can be as plain as spending 10 minutes outdoor or sitting under a tree, or taking a brisk walk, or getting out for a charity running training sess.

How can charity runners fit time alone time in, especially with their new running schedule?

Firstly, don’t overcomplicate it or think about it too much - it doesn’t need to involve expensive classes or huge amounts of time or the latest fandangle exercise equipment (you  know what we mean, the rollers, the elastics, the booty-shakers covered in dust) . All that is required is a few moments that give you time for reflection and in turn a chance to relax. It’s always tempting to rush through every day duties, like shopping or dishwashing, but try to enjoy the moments.  If you have a quick bath, savour it rather than rushing it. Turn your senses to the perfume of your soap or the sound of the bubbles of the feeling of hot water embracing your skin….hmmm, splash, rubber ducky at the ready!

My charity runs fast approaching. I’m feeling anxious and rundown. Any tips for a pick me up?

Why ofcourse! Check out the Run for Charity tips for fitting in special me time:

1.     Make sleep king – approximately 8 hours every night.

2.     Find time to be still, turn off all electronic devices – yes this means your phone

3.     Practice short breathing and calming mediations

4.     Book a sports massage before and after your charity run

5.     Say no to social events you don’t really want to attend

6.     Be kind to you, talk to yourself as you would a dear friend and stop criticising yourself.