6 Steps to Perfect Mornings

6 Steps to Perfect Mornings

The perfect morning? We know at least half of you will be thinking: Is there even such a thing? Well, here at run for charity we are here to tell you that all the way we conduct ourselves in the morning have a massive influence on our day. So charity runners: it is totally in your interest to make important choices in the AM part of the day to ensure you feel fighting fit to carry out your day.

1. Just Breathe

Yes you have signed up for a charity run and Yes – you are awesome. There are so many exciting things to do – your head is about to explode – hold up. JUST BREATHE. If you focus on your breath, you will find an immediate calming effect, which radiates through your body. If you struggle to concentrate, there are an abundance of free apps or videos available to guide you.

2. H20 on the Go

Do you have a groggy blur in the mornings? So many of us do not drink enough water. It is even more important for our first time charity runners to ensure they stay hydrated for their training for the upcoming charity runs. Drinking when you feel thirsty is a pre-sign of dehydration – so kicks start your day with a glass of water next to the bed. If the first thing you do is gulp that water when you wake from slumber – you will start seeing benefits immediately of refreshment and alertness. Gulp!

3. Morning Power Burst

The good news is you only need a couple of minutes and your own willing body. No equipment, no dvds – just you. Now chose a number from 20 – 50 & choose a simple excersie –squats, power-lunges, push-ups or sit-ups. Do this every morning & alternate the number & exercise type. A change is as good as a holiday. Although this is a simple & basic burst, it sets a tone of accomplishment for the day ahead. Little hint: You can do this burst in your PJs

4. Cool it in the Shower

Who knew showers were such a genius task?! Just taking a shower in the morning is so beneficial to your day. Ever though about the fact that a shower can relax you as well as making you feel like a vigilant superhero. This mix is the perfect way to ignite a creative and spontaneous attitude for the day ahead. Great for smashing that fundraising target and completing your charity running training. A shower set a few degrees colder has been said to rapidly encourage positive frame of mind and keep bad temper at bay.

5. Breakfast of Champions

It’s not just our charity runners who are looking for that perfect morning hit.At run for charity we cannot stress enough just how important breakfast is! If you are looking for daily endurance and want to minimise sugar and fat cravings then you must pay attention to breakfast. Keep it simple, it can be as easy as pie (without the pie). High protein breakfasts are the way to go.

6. Get to Bed

What?! I though we were talking about mornings? Ironically – yes we are. If you want a great morning, you need a proper night of sleep. No matter how well you follow the above Run for charity steps for a perfect night’s sleep. You will never feel rested if you don’t get enough rest. So get to bed earlier and remove any distractions that keep you from getting good quality sleep.