Best time to eat before Bed?

What’s the optimum time to eat before bed?

Calling all late night charity runners, listen up: Get to bed! 

We know it is difficult but try not to go to bed too late or indulge in dinner or puddings at least 3hrs before it’s time to hit the sack. It is so important to allow enough time to digest your food. If you are unfortunate enough to struggle with falling asleep, or do not have a great quality of sleep – we recommend changing what you eat and the time you consume it. So if you want to be in optimal health physically and mentally and be the best you can be for your charity runs – make sure you eat 3 hours before bedtime and get around 8 hours of beauty sleep. You can then dream about smashing that fundraising target and breaking the ribbon at the finish line. 

Charity runner foods to stay away from before sleep time?

We know it’ temping: chocolate, a cuppa of tea, coffee and cola drinks- they are all delicious! Bad news. As delicious as they are – they are detrimental to a good nights sleep. Caffeine exacerbates cortisol to unhealthy levels, which has a negative effect on our sleeping patterns as well as our ability to manage anxieties. 

In a perfect world, you should restrict your caffeine to no more than four hundred milligrams in one day. This is the equivalent of less than 4 cup of normal strength coffee consumed through the day! Remember that de-caff options are a great way of cutting down on caffeine when needing sleep in prep for those charity runs. 

Best time to eat before Bed?