Leicester Half Marathon

A fun half marathon in the East Midlands which provides the charity runner with a bit of everything including a city centre start, a stretch through Watermead Country Park and a nice section alongside a number of Leicester's rivers and lakes.

About the race

You start this running event in Victoria Park where all the runners congregate and prepare for the task ahead. The event sees most of the charity emphasis placed on the official charity but a number of the local charities in the area have made sure they get involved and help support the event. As you get going, you are taken out of the city through some nice areas of parkland and along some nice stretches of rivers and lakes. The marshals are all very friendly and have all been well prompted as they give great encouragement and help any runners that require it as they dash by. The race is relatively fast and there are certain sections that are quiet but any run that counteracts this with great scenery is always good fun. Towards the end of the race, there are a few inclines to deal with but nothing for anyone who has done the training to worry about. At the finish of the race, the support begins to pick up again and there is a noticeable amount of charity support to cheer on runners. Overall, the race is really well thought out and has sections which you will remember forever and will prompt you to sign up for the following year's marathon.


This is a moderately difficult half marathon so aim for at least £650 with this race. Why not auction off all of your old belongings that are clogging up your shelves to help get you to your target. Check out the run for charity fundraising A to Z for some great ideas to help you reach your target.

Support on race day

The local people in Leicester do a really good job of supporting the charity runner on race day. There is not the greatest amount of charity support but the finish does manage to get you in a celebratory mood when you complete the run.


Make sure you are up to a half marathon distance so find the correct training plan to get you up to speed. 

Quality of race organisers

Everything before the race is well organised and the staff are really helpful. The website does not do the race justice as it has little to no information on it. On the day, everything runs very smoothly although there are a few sections that take you a little too close to traffic for some peoples tastes.  The medals provided at the end are good although not very unique and the goody bags do what you would expect.

Run for charity event rating

2 ½ out of 5 stars

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Leicester Half Marathon