How To Boost Your Fundraising

We all know it's easy to approach friends, family and colleagues in search of sponsorship for your event. But how else can you maximise your fundraising total to get the biggest possible donation for your chosen charity? Here are some ideas you may not have thought of that are easy to do.

Run a cake stall at a local fete or town hall event. Make batches of small cakes and biscuits to sell individually or as packs, as well as whole cakes. Enlist the help of friends to bake and man the stall too, and donate all the proceeds to your fundraising total.

Contact your local supermarkets to see if you can pack bags at the check outs in return for donations from paying customers.

Ask local schools if they would be prepared to hold a non-uniform day to support your fundraising efforts. If every child donated 50p or £1, it would soon add up.

Use or websites to make it so easy for people to donate money they will find it hard to say no! Include a brief story of the event you are doing and which charity you are fundraising for and why.

Organise a bring and buy sale at your house or go to a car boot sale. Everyone has old clutter lying around and as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure! Spread the word and collect items from friends, neighbours and family.

Start a blog keeping people up to date on your progress and include photos. The more personal you can make your fundraising journey, the more likely people will be to donate.

Club together with a colleague, friend or group to raise money together. This is an easy way to instantly increase the amount you raise.

How To Boost Your Fundraising