Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money Giving was created as a not-for-profit business by Virgin Money with one aim in mind, to make everyone better off. It was Virgin Money's sponsorship of the London marathon that spawned the idea for Virgin Money giving and after millions of pounds of investment by Virgin Money they have created a fantastic, easy to use and secure website that helps to generate millions of fundraising pounds for thousands of charities.

How many charities are registered?

Virgin Money Giving is available to all UK registered charities and currently has over 1500 charities on the website.

How much of my donation reaches the charity? Based on a £10 donation with Gift Aid (£12.50) the amount Virgin Money Giving would give to the charity would be £12.15.

£0.35 is paid in a transaction fee / VAT

What about Gift Aid?

Virgin Money Giving ask all donors if they're eligible for Gift Aid. If they are and agree to claim gift aid, Virgin Money Giving will reclaim the Gift Aid from HRMC and will pass it onto the charity in full.

How easy is it to set up a fundraising page?

It's very easy to set up a page but Virgin Money Giving has a lot of additional options which means it can take up to 10 minutes to complete your fundraising page.

  • Click create your page'
  • Choose the reason you are fundraising from organised event', personal challenge', special occasion' or someone special'.
  • Fill in the challenge page (When, what, where etc)
  • Search for your charity. You can invite them to join if they are not listed.
  • Enter your personal information (Name, Address, Email)
  • Confirm your web address (this is the unqiue URL that will be created for you)
  • Select create my page
  • Choose your additional extras (blog, video, twitter, photo gallery, calendar)
  • Save the page and share with friends and colleagues

Is there an app?

Virgin Money Giving currently do not have an app.

Virgin Money Giving