Fundraising As A Team

Fundraising for charity as a team is a great way to boost your motivation, as well as the total amount of money you raise. The saying 'A great team is more than the sum of its parts' is certainly true here. You and your teammates can collaborate all your ideas and contacts to maximise your fundraising potential.

It's a good idea for your team to agree on one or two charities to fundraise for. This will focus your campaign and people are more likely to donate if they know where the money will be going. If you choose more than one charity, you could even give the option of which charity your sponsor would like to donate to.

When you get started, meet up as a team to decide what your fundraising strategy will be. You all need to pull in the same direction to be effective! Everyone will have different ideas so do a brainstorm to incorporate them all.

Fundraising as a team means you can all keep each other motivated on those difficult days in training or when donations are tailing off. Why not get some team T-shirts printed that you can all wear on race day. You'll have a fantastic sense of solidarity and others will see what you are doing, helping to raise awareness of your chosen charities and inspire some last minute donations!

Here are our top tips on fundraising as a team:

  • Assign people with roles within the team
  • Approach mutual friends or colleagues together for sponsorship. There's no point doing this separately, and they're likely to donate more to the team!
  • Compose a letter to send out to as many local businesses as you can. You're much more likely to gain their support as a team than an individual
  • Use everyone's contacts to the max! Even if they seem obscure, you never know.
  • Take to the streets in a team uniform to get even more donations
  • Stick together. You can achieve anything!