Online Giving Sites

There are a number of online donation websites and it's important you do a little bit of research before deciding on which one to use. The amount of money you raise for your charity can drastically vary depending on which site you use to promote your events and manage your fundraising target. We have a site by site guide which will help you make up your mind and save you time as you learn how to fundraise.

It's always worth asking your charity what there preffered online giving platform is as they sometimes don't have accounts or agreements with all the sites. Most charities will send you a fundraising pack or a top 10 things to do, online giving pages are normally the first thing they ask you to set up.


Site Amount given directly to charity Transaction fees / VAT Charge to charity Number of charities signed up
JustGiving £11.71 0.79 £15 monthly 22,000
GivenGain £12.11 £0.39 0 10,000
Charity Giving £12.10 0.40 0 2000
Sponser me £12.00 0.50 0 50,000
The Big Give £12.00 0.50 0 6,800
Global Giving £10.50 2.00 0 150
Mission Fish £10.50 2.00 0 4000

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