Fundraising £50

Adding £50 to your charity total would be a great day's work, and with some of these ideas take just a few hours let alone a day! If you need a bit of a boost then check out these ideas, there is sure to be one you fancy giving a try.
Fundraising Ideas Type of fundraiser Easiness Rating Fundraising Target Time Scale
Give as you earn Cyber Fundraiser Easy £50 Less than 1 hour
Shopping packing Shopaholic Super easy £50 One day
Shopping bag carrying Shopaholic Easy £50 One day
Charity stickers & collection tins Shopaholic Tough £50 One Month
Tea and coffee Mornings Socialite Super easy £50 A few hours
Facebook Social Media Super easy £50 Less than 1 hour
eBay Social Media Easy £50 A few hours
Online Giving Social Media Easy £50 Less than 1 hour
Karaoke nights Entertainer Challenging £50 One Week
Pub Quiz Entertainer Easy £50 Two weeks
Car cleaning services Car Enthusiast Easy £50 One hour
Animal washing and grooming Animal Lover Easy £50 A few hours
Animal racing Animal Lover Easy £50 One hour
Give up your voice Habitual Super easy £50 Two weeks
Organise a child and parent activity day Parents Easy £50 Less than 1 hour
Guess the baby photo competition Parents Easy £50 Less than 1 hour
Easter egg hunt Seasonal Fundraiser Easy £50 One day
Dye your hair Hairy Super easy £50 Two weeks
Fundraising £50