Fundraising £100

These activities are ideal if you want to add £100 to your amount raised. It's a good idea to try something like this when you are first getting started to raise awareness of what you're doing, and if there's already a good amount of money on your page people are more likely to donate later on.
Fundraising Ideas Type of fundraiser Easiness Rating Fundraising Target Time Scale
Birthday and Christmas card sales Shopaholic Challenging £100 A few days
Charity Flyers Shopaholic Challenging £100 A few days
Abseil Adrenalin Junky Easy £100 One day
Charity lunch or dinner Socialite Challenging £100 Two weeks
Charity Pub golf Socialite Easy £100 One Month
Cycling & running races at the gym Fitness Fanatic Challenging £100 One Month
Car boot sales Car Enthusiast Easy £100 A few hours
Give up alcohol Habitual Super easy £100 One Month
Give up your favourite hobby Habitual Super easy £100 One Month
Busking Muscial Easy £100 One day
Jam nights Muscial Easy £100 A few days
Carol singing Seasonal Fundraiser Easy £100 One Week
Cake bake Homebody Easy £100 One Week
Cheese and Wine nights Homebody Easy £100 A few days
Man v Food Creative Easy £100 One Week
Make something and sell it for charity Creative Easy £100 Two weeks
Grow bizarre facial hair Hairy Challenging £100 One Month
Wax your chest Hairy Super easy £100 A few days
Raffles Competitive Challenging £100 Two weeks
Guessing games- coins in the jar Competitive Super easy £100 One day
Pub Olympics Competitive Challenging £100 Two weeks
Fundraising £100