Fundraising £150

Aiming to raise £150 is a good place to start with these simple fundraising ideas. You could raise even more than this, you never know! You could aim to do something like this once a month to regularly boost your running total of donations, a great way to stay motivated as you prepare to run for charity.
Fundraising Ideas Type of fundraiser Easiness Rating Fundraising Target Time Scale
Match Giving Cyber Fundraiser Super easy £150 Less than 1 hour
Gift Aid Cyber Fundraiser Super easy £150 Less than 1 hour
Paint balling Adrenalin Junky Easy £150 Two weeks
Swishing Socialite Easy £150 One Month
Speed dating Entertainer Challenging £150 One Month
Dress down day Workaholic Easy £150 One Week
Weekly donations Workaholic Challenging £150 One Month
Sponsored individual challenges Sports Mad Challenging £150 One Month
10 pin bowling for charity Sports Mad Easy £150 One Week
Weight loss competition Fitness Fanatic Challenging £150 One Month
F1 charity game Car Enthusiast Easy £150 One Month
Wear a colour to school day Student Easy £150 One day
Variety shows Student Tough £150 A few hours
School Disco Student Challenging £150 A few hours
Give up smoking Habitual Challenging £150 One Month
Host themed parties Homebody Challenging £150 Two weeks
Shave your hair Hairy Super easy £150 One Week
Treasure Hunts Competitive Easy £150 A few days
Fundraising £150