Fundraising £250

If we told you that pretty much anyone could raise £250 towards their charity you might not believe us, but just check out these ideas and you might be surprised at how easy some of them are. Yes, you'll have to put some thought and effort in, but the extra cash on your target will make it all worthwhile.
Fundraising Ideas Type of fundraiser Easiness Rating Fundraising Target Time Scale
Text Giving Cyber Fundraiser Challenging £250 A few hours
Easy Fundraising Cyber Fundraiser Easy £250 A few hours
Bungee jump Adrenalin Junky Easy £250 One day
White water rafting Adrenalin Junky Easy £250 Two weeks
Slave Auctions Socialite Challenging £250 One Month
Stand up comedy Entertainer Challenging £250 One Month
Fancy dress day Workaholic Super easy £250 Two weeks
Get the boss on side Workaholic Easy £250 Two weeks
Team activities Sports Mad Challenging £250 One Month
Run or cycle to and from work Sports Mad Easy £250 One Month
Netball tournament Fitness Fanatic Challenging £250 One Month
Taxi service Car Enthusiast Easy £250 One Week
No school uniform day Student Easy £250 One day
Battle of the bands Muscial Tough £250 One Month
Valentine's day singles party Seasonal Fundraiser Challenging £250 A few days
Recycling for charity Homebody Super easy £250 One Month
Come dine with me for charity Creative Easy £250 One Week
Sponsored betting Creative Easy £250 A few days
Remove all of your body hair Hairy Easy £250 A few days
Fundraising £250