Last Minute Fundraising Tips

You will probably have set a goal for how much cash you want to raise for the charity you are raising funds for. The sky's the limit, and an ambitious target is great! But what happens if your event day is fast approaching, and you still have a way to go to hit your goal? We have a few ideas on how to give your fundraising total a last minute boost and to help you smash your target ! Even if you are only a few days away from your event, there is still time to secure more sponsorship.

Here are just a few last minute fundraising tips to help get you on your way.

Take to the streets - By now your Justgiving page is probably full of generous donations from your family, friends and work colleagues. You've asked everyone you know. So who else can you get to sponsor you to raise money for your chosen charity?

We bet you haven't thought about how many strangers there are out there that would be willing to donate to your chosen cause. And if you are doing a gruelling race in order for them to do so then all the better! Rope in some friends, don some attention attracting outfits to inspire people. If you've had T-shirts made for your events, now is the time to get them on! Get out onto your local high street and explain what you are doing, and most importantly why. If you can inspire people, they are more likely to drop some money into your bucket to support you. And as they say, every penny counts.

Car boot loot - We could all do with a clear out of old things we no longer need. Why not find a local car boot sale to go to with a car full of old clothes, CDs, and any other household gear you can get rid of. Encourage your friends or family to come along and bring some of their old tat too! It wont cost them any money to bring something, but you can sell it for hard cash that will all count towards your fundraising total.

Local business support - It can be daunting to approach a business for support. If you haven't already done this, just remember- if you don't ask, you don't get! It can be surprising how much money businesses are prepared to donate, particularly if you are fundraising for a charity they are passionate about.

Do a google search of local businesses and make a list of the ones you are going to approach. Aim for 10-15 that way at least one should say yes! Make a one page leaflet with photos, of who you are, what you are doing and why. The more emotive and personal you make it, the more likely they are to donate! Include your Justgiving details as even if the business cannot make a donation, some of the staff may like to.

Go to the offices and try to speak to someone in person. If this is not possible, then leave a few of your leaflets behind.

Use the power of social media - If you haven't already done so, use Facebook and twitter to get people you know to donate. We've all got old friends we are no longer in touch with on Facebook, but they may feel just as passionate about your chosen charity as you do and be compelled to donate. Making it easy to donate by providing your Justgiving link will make people even more likely to do so. Even if you only ask for £1- it all adds up surprisingly fast.

On the day - So the day of your big event has arrived and the pressure is on! It's STILL not too late to raise even more money for your charity. Even if you have already smashed your totaliser target why not go the extra mile to raise even more money. Every penny counts.

Create an event on Facebook for your race and invite friends along. The support on the side of the track will spur you on, but when your friends see how much effort you are going to they may even donate more! Other people in the crowd may also be compelled to donate. Wear a bum bag to collect the money- much easier to carry than a bucket. Also think about wearing a sign making it clear who you are raising money for and that you are still seeking funds, like DONATE HERE.

We are sure you will have lots more creative ideas and stories on how you have raised money at the last minute. Why not get in touch with us on twitter @charitysports and let us know.

Good luck and we hope you have achieved your target and have loads of fun on the day!

Last Minute Fundraising Tips