Fundraise For An Hour!

Every day we hear people saying that they are struggling to find the time to fundraise and it can be tough around a busy working life. The modern misconception is the amount of time it takes to carry out a fundraising task. Here are few ways to fundraise in just one hour. No more excuses people!

Fundraise for an hour

Sweepstakes are number one as they involve very little effort and time and the great thing is you can offer a prize, which everyone loves. Tell someone they will win £20 for donating £5 and you will suddenly see everyone happily putting there hands in their pockets. If this is part of your fundraising plan, leave it until near the end otherwise you might miss out on a number of generous donations that you would have received anyway. The key is to pick a relevant topic that everyone can get involved with: the rugby world cup, the X factor, Wimbledon... It really doesn't matter, just work out the number of participants you need for your activity and away you go.

Dog walking, why not combine your fundraising with getting fit, use your free time to make some cash for your charity by walking dogs for your friends, family and neighbours. Get some flyers out explaining you are fundraising and watch the bookings rolling in.

A close shave, sounds scary I know but a great way to get a laugh and people sponsoring you! Do a sponsored body shave if you're a man or a sponsored head shave if you are a girl with flowing locks. Just make sure you choose someone you trust to do the handy work and please please buy a brand new razor and a proper shaving kit! Finally, make sure you get the money you deserve for such a daring feet, notes only.

One-hour challenge, this may seem obvious but you will be amazed at the number of people who are running a marathon doing a skydive and don't do mini sponsored challenges to help improve their sponsorship levels. Do a sponsored danceathon, a sponsored backward run, guys dress for an hour as a woman at the office, use your imagination

Sell sell sell, this is the time to do your own clear out and make some money doing it. Get deep into those cupboards at home, ask friends and family to donate some goodies and get selling. There is a Del Boy in all of us so get the pots and pans out, breakout the old ghd hair straighteners and football boots and pull the punters in. There are car boot sales everywhere so an hour of market trading can really go along way!