Fundraise For A Day

What a difference a day makes seems like a real cliche but in the world of fundraising it couldn't be more true! You just need to take a look at events such as the Virgin London Marathon to realise just how much a difference it makes! Over 50 million pounds is raised every year by this iconic event and it is an event that happens over one day! Imagine what you can do in just 24 little hours.

Here a just a few ideas do get help get your creative juices flowing.

Dress down day

Arrange a casual dress day for all your colleagues at work charging a fee for the privilege. Go to the boss and get the go ahead first otherwise you may find yourself in casual clothes for the rest of the year! Alternatively do a sponsored fancy dress day for yourself, become a cartoon or film character for the day. Just remember to get sponsorship beforehand and carry a collection tin with you at all times. Don't miss out on the collection on the way to and from work.

24 hour challenges

You have a day to fundraise why not use every hour, every minute and every second to help ensure you are a success. Start with a 24 hour silence as you will be amazed how many people will happily donate money to keep you quiet for a day. If you are feeling more adventurous why not look to do a sponsored sports challenge, dust off the table tennis bat, get a few friends involved and keep that ping pong ball moving for a whole day.

Fundraising themes

Use the time of year and holidays to your advantage. Plan a Halloween party, dress your house up, arrange a raffle and ask friends to bring a bottle. There is always something happening that you can use as an excuse for a party. Bored of the traditional themes why not create your own themed day, May the fourth be with you for national Star Wars day or host the anniversary of the royal wedding the more creative you can be the better.