Fundraise For A Week

With 7 whole days to fundraise you can achieve a huge amount. It's not that you need to be fundraising every minute of every day but if you plan in a couple of hours each day, your determination will not go unrewarded!

Go the whole hog, take up a whole week challenge and tailor it to your working schedule. Wig for a week at work, lunch collection service or why not a babysitting marathon every night for a week! Ensure you tailor your challenge to fit with your work as it would be crazy to do a week sponsored silence if you work in telesales or a walk to work week if you are a taxi driver. Think about what you do and then decide!

Accumulators, this is a great way to really up the money that you can raise and it's great fun too! You have 7 days so ask people to sponsor you based on those 7 days. If you are fasting for a week, ask people to bet against you per day. If you manage just one day they give you the first amount but every day it increases. Get everyone to bet £5 and make the challenge tough. Do a sponsored skip everyday during your lunch hour and make sure everyone can see you doing it. If you achieve the whole week you will make your chosen charity very happy!

Competitions, using the element of competition is a great way to fundraise. There is a little competitive streak in everyone so why not use it to help you raise money. The old classics are guess the number of sweets in the jar or "guess who" with baby photos but you need to appeal to a modern audience. Check out if there is a fantasy football league each week at work and get colleagues to guess the number of points that will be accrued by everyone participating or ask your friends to guess the number of times the X Factor judges say their act is the best one they have ever seen! It's all good fun in the name of charity.