Dyspraxia Foundation

The Dyspraxia Foundation was founded in 1987 by two mothers who realised there was not enough support and awareness of dyspraxia following their children’s diagnosis. People with dyspraxia often report feeling isolated and lonely, not understood, and they face daily challenges that make life difficult. Professionals – healthcare, education and employment – often don’t understand dyspraxia fully and are unable to offer effective diagnosis, treatment and support.

The Dyspraxia Foundation is passionately committed to empowering individuals and families affected by dyspraxia in England and Wales. Our focus is on fostering awareness and dismantling barriers in education, healthcare, and employment. Recognising dyspraxia's often-overlooked position within the spectrum of neurodiversity, we tackle challenges head-on. Through comprehensive training and awareness initiatives, we aim to transform professionals into allies, ensuring dyspraxia serves as a gateway to unlocking unlimited potential at every stage of life. Our positive approach embraces dyspraxia within the diverse fabric of neurodiversity, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. Collaborating with industries strengthens our mission, enabling us to redefine dyspraxia positively and unite against persistent misconceptions. Together, we strive to make dyspraxia not a barrier but a catalyst for realising the full potential of every individual.

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