British Tinnitus Association

10% of UK adults have tinnitus. That’s more than 6 million people with a recurrent noise in their head or ears, with no known cause and no cure.

For one in ten (600,000 people), quality of life can be badly affected, leading to problems such as anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation. The British Tinnitus Association are the only national UK charity dedicated to supporting people with tinnitus, and our team has over 70 years of experience with the condition. We deal with a huge range of issues, offering information about dealing with symptoms, coping strategies and signpost people to the best way of accessing support quickly. The support we provide includes our free, confidential helpline, information leaflets and our up to date, comprehensive website We also run awareness raising events and gather information about local NHS services available to patients. We run support groups around the country, train medical professionals and commission research into curing and improving treatments for tinnitus."

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