What is a charity run?

It is a running event designed with the purpose of raising money in the name of charity. You are potentially putting yourself at risk, attempting to achieve the unachievable or in some cases doing something that you love while helping those less fortunate than yourself in the process.

When you are considering your challenge, you will be faced with all sorts of different options. Are you going to do a leisurely 1km jog, a 5km run or maybe go the whole hog and take on a marathon? A key thing to consider is that the harder the challenge the higher the fundraising target. The simple reason being that charities know that the harder your challenge is, the more money friends and family will tend to donate. So don’t be surprised if a marathon run comes with a marathon fundraising target.

Once you have your challenge and fundraising target, you then have to go out and “make it happen” so to speak. You will need to train hard so that you can complete your challenge and fundraise hard at the same time. In some cases the latter can be the harder of the two challenges.

On the day, you will be part of an elite group of people whose combined effort has raised a huge amount of money for one, or in some cases, thousands of charities. Most charity events are full of colour, fun and emotion. The most important thing to remember on the day is that you are representing your charity, so make sure you do them proud.

What is a charity run?