Charity Running Vests

Run for Charity is continuing to partner with Crewroom the official running vest providers of the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. Their new initiative is designed to help reduce the costs of charity running vests for as many UK charities as possible.

Traditionally charities have been paying very high prices for their charity runners vests and order sporadically throughout the year. Run for Charity has now setup a group buying programme which in a great deal of cases is saving charities thousands and thousands of pounds on their existing running vest orders. It is Run for Charities belief that the more money they can help save charities the more money will go to the great causes they are working on behalf of.

Pulling on a charity running vest is an important moment in every charity runners life so pledging your support to this programme will ensure your charity runners receive the best quality running vests at the best price possible. The great news is the more charities we work with the further we can drive down the prices.

Crewroom have an amazing track record supplying some of the biggest events in the country. Their aim is to help provide retail quality charity running vests at charity prices. As part of the new programme charities need to sign up to the run for charity membership programme which opens them up to a huge range of different benefits all aimed at raising money for charity and saving money on their existing purchasing habits.