Healthy Heroes

When you are training for your charity run, it's a good opportunity to make a healthy change to your lifestyle. We have a few healthy recipes hints to help you achieve a healthy balanced diet that is satisfying too!

Protein shake: Choose a low carb powder and mix with a banana and half water/half skimmed or soya milk according to the packet instructions. This is low calorie, but will keep hunger at bay whilst providing your body with extra protein to fuel your tired muscles.

Malt Loaf: This is a great craving killer and is full of fibre. Get a pack of Soreen lunchbox sized loaves to help control portion size- they are less than 100 calories each.

Frozen berries or grapes: Feels like a sweet treat from the freezer, but are low calorie and packed with vitamins. You can buy bags of frozen berries to whizz up into a smoothie or let them defrost over a small bowl of fat free natural youghurt for a guilt free desert.

Oat milk: Full of fibre, low calorie, and a great alternative to dairy milk.

Topless pies: Why not try your favourite cottage or chicken pie without its calorie laden top of pastry or creamy mashed potato for a lower fat and carb free alternative. Serve in a dish and pile on the vegetables on the side.

Vegetable juice: Trust us- it really is worth investing in a good juicer and the washing up isn't that bad! Adding freshly made vegetable juices to your diet really will make all the difference. You'll get tons of vitamins and nutrients.

0% fat greek yoghurt: is a real healthy hero- its so creamy you'd never guess it was fat free and you can add it to your cooking to replace cream or mayo. Mixed with white wine vinegar, chopped chilli and a spoon full of wholegrain mustard it makes a fab fat free coleslaw dressing!

Oil spray: This helps you control how much oil you use when cooking to reduce calorie content.

Vacuum packed beetroots: these pre-cooked beets are a great addition to salads.

Smoked mackerel: Great to have in the fridge for a hit of natural fish oils, protein, and there are lots of flavour variations to choose from. Add to salads, eat alone, or whizz into a quick pate.

Healthy Heroes