Running For Love

If you like to be surrounded by others, partaking in charity runs is a great opportunity to increase your social circles and meet many other like minded people running to better themselves & make the world a better place! Join a running group or draw together your friends & workmates to form a charity running team! Surrounding yourself with a support network championing the same cause will prove even more satisfying when you reach your fundraising target.

Charity running teams are great ways to encourage motivation amongst all members (especially those who need a little more of a push) and a magnificent opportunity to come up with interesting & easy fundraising ideas. We have all heard that running promotes clarity of the mind so we suggest brainstorming together after your charity run.

Running is not only a great way to socialise with your buddies & form new friendships, you may even meet that special someone. Who would have though that charity running could turn romantic? Actually there are an abundance of running dating sites out there now! If you think that running together sounds like a romantic way to spend your time together you're not alone. More than five million people in the UK run for fitness and enjoyment. With running proven to improve fitness, stamina, health and much more, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the Uk.

So if you do end up finding true love in your charity running group, have peace of mind you are hooking up with someone who shares a passion for running, keeping fit and raising money for charity! Sounds enticing? Get out there & catch that charity runner if you can!

Running For Love