Getting Fit For A Marathon

If you've decided to take on the ultimate challenge of running a marathon it's essential that you prepare yourself mentally and physically. Running a marathon is one of the hardest things most people will ever undertake, so it's vital that you start a marathon training program at least 16 to 20 weeks before the start of the race. Here are our essential tips for getting marathon fit.


It may sound obvious to some, but planning is a must for any marathon training program. Get hold of a calendar and pencil in all your training runs along with any personal commitments that will get in the way.


Running is the ultimate get fit exercise but it can be very tiring and time consuming, make sure you start off with a training program that is realistic to where your fitness is today. It's all about progressive overload and making sure you increase your training and pushing your body more every week to two weeks.


You are going to need to eat a balanced diet, no more missing meals or eating fast food. You will need to be organised and ensure you get enough protein, carbs and vitamins.


Specificity is one of the most important principles in strength training. To improve your range of movement and technique in any exercise you need to perform that exercise over and over again. In a nutshell, you need to get out and ensure you are doing 3 runs a week.

Rest & Recovery

Ensure you have rest days in any training programme, rest is as important as training. You need to give your muscles time to heal.


Whoever or whatever you are running for, make sure you think about that every time you wake up, fundraise and on every training run. If you are running for a cause you are passionate about you probably won't need much extra motivating.

Goal setting

Set yourself goals throughout your training programme and when you reach each of them treat yourself. Too many people don't stop to pat themselves on the back and a 20 week training programme can soon drag out if you don't have treats en-route.