App It!

Social media is now on the move and you can really make the most of smart phone apps to help you monitor your progress, help you stay on track and motivate you on your training and diet plan. It's never been easier to keep up with your training on the go.

Use an app to map running routes, runkeeper tells you how far you've been and you can share your run details with your friends on facebook. If you've got a training buddy and you are finding it difficult to synchronise your busy schedules, this is the ideal way to share your training progress with your buddy. You can also steadily increase the distance and easily find new routes.

You can also track your eating plan- apps like my fitness pal allow you to set a weight goal and date, and will then tell you how many calories you need. You can add your exercise and food intake for the day- the app has the calorie content of almost any food stored so you can simply enter 'M&S prawn sandwich' and it is there in the database. This is great for secret eaters and it really makes you think about those extra calories you might not really need.

Our Top 10 Apps

1. ipump & Fitness Builder

2. FitnessClass

3. MotionTraxx Radio

4. BeatBurn Treadmill / Outdoor Trainer

5. Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra

6. iMapMyFitness

7. RunKeepPro

8. Personal Running Trainer

9. Tap & Track Calorie, Weigth & Exercise Tracker

10. Calorie Counter Pro

App It!