Spartan Race

Taking on a Spartan race for charity is no easy task; the cries of fallen Spartans can be heard as you take on the titanic obstacles devised by Leonidas himself! This is a fantastic torture run series which is taking the UK by storm and if you are fundraising through this event for charity you will earn every penny. You'll know at the finish line!

About the race

Getting prepared for one of the Spartan runs is quite an intimidating experience; you will see all sorts of characters at the start line and not all of them friendly! Great numbers of runners choose to don fancy dress costumes but unfortunately not many of them are running for a charity. If you like trail running these runs will suit you, just choose the right distance allowing for the fact you have to take on some difficult obstacles and you might find you have a new passion! Speaking of obstacles, you will have to battle, crawls under barb wire, fire jumps, wall climbs and spear throws. Just to give it that true Spartan feel! As you finish your race, you will get to enjoy a true party atmosphere, a great deal of these events even reward you with a beer at the end to celebrate your victory or drown your sorrows!


This is as tough as they come, so aim high with your fundraising target, you deserve to hand over a cheque of at least £1500 to your charity of choice! However, most charities would love you to raise them anything upwards of £250. Find out about all the obstacles and make sure you can impress your friends with how tough you will be after completing the race! Check out the run for charity Spartan Race Fundraising guides. Spartan Warrior, Spartan Legend and Leonidas!

Support on race day

The support for these races is growing, these races are quite a spectacle to behold. It's almost like watching a blood sport! The starts and finishes of the race are always packed but some areas of the course are very difficult for spectators to get to.


Train hard is the first thing! Aim for a half marathon distance in regards to your running training and any upper body and circuit training you can do will really help you on the day.

Quality of race organisers

The information provided about these races is really good and the organisation on the day is fantastic. There is a definite military feel about how they conduct proceedings. Good medal at the end celebrating your acceptance as a Spartan!

Run for charity event rating

5 out of 5 stars

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