Paris Marathon

Running for charity around the beautiful streets of Paris in the spring. Does it get any better than that? With a fantastic course that starts at the Champs Elyses and takes you along cobbled streets passed the Eiffel Tower and finishes at the Arc De Triomphe, it is no wonder that 57,000 people do this race every year. If you missed the chance to enter via the Paris Marathon online entry system why not check out our Paris Marathon charity places.

About the race

As you line up at the start with 40,000 other runners from all over the world the world, you cannot help but become immersed in this great cities history and culture. Looking behind you and seeing the ChampsElyses is a truly magnificent site which is not to be missed. The streets are lined with supporters all holding an early morning coffee waiting to see everyone start out on their marathon journey.  The course takes you on sections of ups and downs and you have to keep your eyes peeled to ensure you do not miss out on incredible views such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. The support around the course is fantastic and as all runners have their names printed on their vests you will hear shouts of allez Tom, Frank, Sarah, PierreĀ on every street throughout the race. Bands are a common feature on the course and it has to be said that hearing French music accompanied by an offering of cheese and wine from supporters can give you a very surreal but welcoming feeling as you near the end of the race. The finish sees you hammering the huge open road that leads up to the Arc De Triomphe and is a truly spectacular and suitable finish to the race.


A full marathon with lots of potential fundraising ideas available based around the location. If you don't have a French beret day at work or put on a croissant morning, you are not going to hit your full potential! Aim for £1,500 as a minimum. Check out the run for charity fundraising A to Z for some great ideas to help you reach your target.

Support on race day

The people of Paris have really started to enjoy marathon day. It is now the spectacle that it always had the potential to be. With support from charities and new youthful sponsors, you will now see huge city crowds drawn to the streets to cheer the runners on.


The race is relatively flat but there are areas that could be classed as hilly, so a full marathon training plan plus some hill training will be your best bet.

Quality of race organisers

The same organisers as the Tour De France see this race run incredibly efficiently. Now that the race has gone global, information for runners outside of France is readily available and the website caters for everyone.

Run for charity event rating

5 out of 5 stars

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