New York Marathon

The ING New York Marathon is one of the biggest and arguably the best running event in the world. Charity runners, add this to your list as it will not disappoint you. With over 100,000 people entering each year, spectacular views, 2 million spectators, huge sums of money raised by charity runners, this is the perfect charity running event.

About the race

It is incredibly difficult to describe this race and to do it true justice, New York is an incredible city on an average day but marathon day it is out of this world. You can barely move for the number of people and the sea of runners is something you will never forget. Charities are very visible everywhere and charity runners in fancy dress costumes or their charities colours create an atmosphere that can only be described as electric. When you set off on this phenomenon of a race, you get to enjoy probably the best opening mile of any race in the world. It is a mile and a half across the double-decker Varrazano Narrows Bridge which connects Staten Island to Brooklyn. The strange thing is that this is probably the biggest climb of the entire race which you won't even notice due to the adrenaline that will kick in brought about by the cheering crowds and the sheer size of the race. As a charity runner, you will be cheered at every corner and it is always nice to see a great mix of nationalities joining in. The bands are amazing, with anything from rap, jazz, rock, pop and numerous others. If you are really lucky, you will see the huge gospel band in Brooklyn which will put a big smile on your face as they clap you passed. There are one or two parts of the race where the crowds do dry up a little especially at mile 15, the Queensborough Bridge, which is also a very difficult part of the race. Make sure you are ready for a serious mental and physical test at this point. With this out of the way, the remainder of the race is incredible. The crowds pick up again and the finish in Central Park can only be rivalled by one other race in the world.


This is a huge charity run so if you are taking it on, please, put the time and effort into fundraising too. Aim for £2000 and really add to the total funds raised by the race each year and more importantly for your charity. Start off by fundraising using social media and organise at least one event of your own. Check out the run for charity fundraising A to Z for some great ideas to help you reach your target.

Support on race day

This can only be described as incredible. The charity support is amazing with charities from all over the world attending. The local support is incredible and keep your eyes open for the celebrities who often come along to enjoy the day.


A straight marathon training plan will get you through with no problems but a little hill training won't hurt.

Quality of race organisers

The race organisers have everything down to a fine art. The event pre post and during is outstanding

Run for charity event rating

5 out of 5 stars

To choose a charity to support in this event click here or if you already have a charity in mind click here

New York Marathon