Run Sydney Virtual

Run Sydney Virtual

24th January 2021

10 Day Challenge - The 10 day Challenge; to complete this challenge you need to complete 2.62 miles every day for 10 days.

If you record all of your times on each of the 10 days through our online runner’s console, you will receive your marathon time.

10 x 2.62 = 26.2 miles. On completion, your marathon time will be calculated and added to the Run Sydney leaderboard and you will then be rewarded with the Run Sydney bronze medal.

Run Sydney Special Challenge (Not required to Earn your Medal)

You are up against Adrianne Beames of Australia. Beames is often accredited as the first female to break the 3 hour marathon time back in 1971.  We are looking for you to complete your marathon time in under 3 hours to defeat Adrianne Beames.

Submit your 10 times through your running portal, calculate and submit your marathon time.

You will need to run each of your 2.62 miles in under 18 minutes each day and you will complete this challenge, defeat Adrianne Beames marathon time and be added above Beames in our leader board for the Sydney Virtual Marathon Major.