New Futures Nepal - The Everest Challenge

New Futures Nepal - The Everest Challenge

1st January 2022 ‐ 31st March 2022

As a volunteer run charity, New Futures Nepal are committed to the support of the disadvantaged people of Nepal.

Over the recent few years, the events of the pandemic have put extensive pressure on the communities of Nepal as well as having a significant impact on our fundraising activities. However, we have remained committed in our support throughout. Indeed we experienced great success in funding food aid, PPE, and antigen testing kits, as well as cold weather clothing, to rural communities in the Everest region during this period.

2022 marks our 20th anniversary as a charity. We hope therefore to kick off the year by significantly boosting our fundraising, thus allowing us to continue to support our friends in Nepal who continue to experience the adverse effects of the pandemic.

Everest. A sacred mountain, represents the ultimate challenge (but beyond means of most individuals) for many, but also an important source of livelihood and pride for the people of Nepal. We therefore hope many of you will join us in the new year to attempt the more obtainable challenge of climbing the height of Everest (8,848m) virtually, and help us mark our anniversary by further improving the lives of those we support in Nepal.