Challenge 21

Challenge 21

1st December 2023 ‐ 31st December 2023

The virtual #Challenge21 challenge is super flexible and super fun. Whoever you are, whatever type of Challenge 21 you can dream up, sign up now [link] and once you’ve completed your personal challenge you’ll receive a special Challenge 21 medal.


That’s right, you could do ANYTHING. Why not try 21 star jumps every day for 21 days; or baking 21 cupcakes to give to 21 friends; you could even try to complete 21 keepy-uppies. Just click on the button, below. There’s a £21 registration fee and then you’re ready to get going.


You’ll receive a fundraising pack in the post, some great emails with heaps of information and support from our Fundraising team whenever you need it.


As soon as you let us know that you have completed your challenge (tagging us [link] in photos on social media is very much encouraged), we will ask our friends over at Run for Charity to send out your medal.


And guess what? If you raise £50 while completing your Challenge 21, you’ll also receive one of our incredibly fetching green DSA t-shirts. What’s not to love?


Sign up today to raise awareness and much needed funds for the DSA!