Using The Media To Fundraise

One of the best ways to get support if you have taken up a fundraising challenge is to contact the local media. Radio stations and local newspapers are a fantastic way to drum up that extra support you might need. Therefore, if there is a budding reporter or journalist locked away inside of you, its time to release them!

There are a couple of ways you can try and get your way in with the media; one, come up with a great idea that will get everyone talking, if the local newspaper know you are planning to raise money for a good cause and you have a good story behind you they will be more than happy to cover it. The other and often the easiest way to get noticed is to try and get the help of someone who is well know in the community. So, if your best friend's Dad is the local vicar or your Aunty is the town Mayor ask them to help you. With someone who is well known in the community involved in a fundraiser, you will be on to a winner.

When you have your story, local celebrity or both, you now need to start contacting the press. Look up all of your local newspapers and radio stations and create a list. Phone them, turn up on their doorstep, do whatever you can to attract their attention, perseverance is the key! Once you have one newspaper or radio station interested start calling all of the others again and let them know their local rival is going to cover your activity. Before you know it you will have one, two, three people interested and this is when you know you are there.

Once you have managed to gain the support of the local media, your fundraising efforts will immediately be taken to the next level in regards to support. The final step is to go try and get some of your local businesses involved. Just make sure they are fully aware that you have media support as all businesses are keen to latch on to good publicity. With the combination of media and local business support you will be amazed at how much money you can raise.