Top 5 Tips For Raising Money Offline

It may seem like all fundraising ideas require you to be sat at your computer, Facebook fundraising, twitter fundraising Instagram fundraising you name it. If you still like to live a little in the past, here are our top 5 ways to raise money offline.

1. Put up posters! Around your local town, in shop windows, at your local community hall, at work, just please ask before you put them up. Explaining to people prior to covering the town in posters that you are doing it for a good cause will normally result in a big yes from the powers that be!

2. Ask people face to face, don't be frightened by their response, you are doing something amazing and you should be confident to ask for sponsorship especially from your friends and family. Doing so in person is so much more powerful than any other way.

3. Give up something for the day! Use your phone too much? Spend hours on Facebook? Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to give up your beloved past time for the day, or if you are feeling particularly bold do it for a whole week.

4. Contact the local media! Call up your local newspaper and let them know what you are doing, if they run an article on you be sure to include your supporter page link so people can donate easily.

5. Approach local businesses whose services you often use (bakers, dry cleaners) and ask if they are happy for you to leave a collection tin on their counter. You can even offer to hand out flyers on their behalf to sweeten the deal.