Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For The Adrenalin Junky

If you are after fundraising ideas and you are happy to put yourself in danger to help support your charity these ideas are for you. It's time to throw yourself out of a plane, jump off a building or maybe just got shot with a paintball gun, whatever takes your fancy! Take a look at our top 5 fundraising ideas for the adrenaline junky.

Sponsored bungee jump, this is pretty straight forward really find somewhere that offers you the chance to throw yourself off a really high building, bridge or crane and ask for sponsorship from your friends. If you are crazy enough to do this one most people will sponsor you!

Sponsored skydive, there are lots of companies out there that offer this as a fundraising activity. The best place to start is with the charity you wish to support directly as they will have the contacts to help facilitate this for you. A great deal of the time there are other people just as crazy as you ready to throw themselves out of a plane for charity.

Sponsored abseil, If the 2 fundraising ideas above were not enough for you why not overcome your fear of heights in another way and gradually lower yourself down the side of a building instead of throwing yourself off one. Again talk to your charity about this as they tend to organise these events every so often. This is not a cheap option to do on your own.

Sponsored white water rafting, this fundraising idea really is a great way to combine an activity that is really good fun and fundraising for charity. We suggest that you get a team together and try and add a little spice of your own to the event to achieve the highest fundraising targets. Fancy dress is always a good one.

Sponsored paint balling, probably not the best way to fundraise in the world as it has become the ultimate stag do activity. Most people will see this as a jolly for you but again if you can show that it will be a painful experience people will sponsor you. We are not saying go paint balling naked but there is always a compromise. It's for charity after all!

Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For The Adrenalin Junky