Tea Morning For Charity

Tea drinking is one of those things us Brits are renowned for, so why not arrange a tea and coffee morning for charity? Break out the cucumber sandwiches and grandma's china tea set and serve up a morning of good conversation whilst educating your friends and family about the charity you are fundraising for.

How to guide

Location – Tea and coffee mornings are supposed to be a low cost way of fundraising so try and hold them at your own house or at one of your close friends. Ideally holding it outside with beautiful sunshine and Wimbledon on in the background would be perfect. Unfortunately it is very hard to predict good weather so this is plan A but you have to have a plan B. Plan B being inside your house in the kitchen and dining room with Wimbledon reruns on in the background!

Resources – You will need to provide and borrow the following things to cater for your guests.

Coffee, tea, milk and sugar

Tables, chairs and table cloths

Biscuits, cakes and sandwiches

Cutlery, plates, teapots, cups and saucers

Posters and invitations

Prize Draw Tickets

All of the above you can provide at a very low cost, making, baking and stirring everything yourself is the way to achieve the highest amount of money from your fundraiser.

Publicity – You need to make sure you get a good show at your tea and coffee morning so you will need to invite a large group of friend's relatives etc to join you. It is essential that you decide on a set number of people you can cater for and then start asking people. Aim for about 10 people as anymore will make most people's houses a little cluttered.

Fundraising – You will need to charge a set ticket price which is the initial donation, ask for £5 as this is very reasonable and then work on other ways to increase your total. A little prize draw is a good way, ask for £2 from each person to enter and then provide a prize worth half of the total amount raised from the draw.

Tea Morning For Charity