Creative Fundraising Ideas

If you are one of those people who would like to think they could rival Russell Crowe in the film a beautiful mind, these fundraising ideas are for you. We are always on the lookout for new innovative ways to raise money for charity so please give us your ideas and help us to inspire other fundraisers to reach their fundraising goals.

Come dine with me for charity

Everyone has seen the TV programme so why not invite a group of friends to set themselves against each other in a Come dine with me competition. Get 4 groups of 4 to compete, with everyone putting in £25. The winner from each group of 4 then plays in a grand final with the winner receiving £100 and the rest going to charity.

Sponsored betting for charity

Any current sporting event works for this. It might be the football world cup or the Olympics. Just set up little games for people to bet on, top goal scorer, winner of the long jump just make sure you ask enough people so you raise lots of money for you charity.

Man vs. Food

If you haven't seen the show you really should. This is your chance to eat for charity. The idea is to set eating challenges for you and your friends to take on. Eating spicy food or large quantities with one person being victorious based on time of completion. Get everyone to donate money to enter and give a prize to the winner.

Break a world record

Whatever the challenge is that you are taking on for charity. Every year new fundraisers are setting wackier challenges for themselves and keeping the Guinness World Records team on their toes. Simply look up existing records to break or come up with your own. The wackier the better!

Make something for charity

We all have a creative bone in our body so its time to find out what it is. It may be card making, this is perfect around festive holidays etc. It doesn't matter really but you will get the most success from edible treats and throw away items.

Creative Fundraising Ideas