Workaholic Fundraiser

One of the biggest fundraising excuses we hear is, ‘there's no time I'm always at work!' Well, in our eyes that is no excuse at all. Designed to be low effort and high return, try these smart fundraising ideas at your office and watch the pounds roll in to your fundraising total. Don't forget that lot's of workplaces will match whatever you manage to raise for your charity, if in doubt ask HR.
Fundraising Ideas Type of fundraiser Easiness Rating Fundraising Target Time Scale
Dress down day Workaholic Easy £150 One Week
Fancy dress day Workaholic Super easy £250 Two weeks
Get the boss on side Workaholic Easy £250 Two weeks
Weekly donations Workaholic Challenging £150 One Month
Lunch or breakfast collection Workaholic Easy £25 Two weeks
Workaholic Fundraiser