REACT Disaster Response

REACT is a humanitarian rapid response charity. When there’s an emergency, we give communities the urgent assistance they need to survive and recover.

Our volunteer Response Teams deploy rapidly to emergencies in the UK and internationally, supporting the hardest to reach and most vulnerable people affected by disaster. We prevent communities from being overwhelmed by sudden or unexpected events such as floods, wildfires, terrorist attacks, pandemics, earthquakes, and storms — helping to save lives and alleviate suffering.

Many of our volunteers come from military and emergency services backgrounds. They bring with them years of specialist training and operational experience under the most extreme and challenging conditions, and REACT repurposes these skills to make them world-class humanitarians.

We'd love you to join the REACT community and take on a challenge. Every penny you raise supports our humanitarian mission:

  • £7 is enough to buy dehydrated food rations to fuel a volunteer assisting in a disaster zone. By carrying in our own supplies, we avoid leaning on stretched local resources.
  • £20 could pay for a hygiene kit for a family displaced by disaster. Kits include essentials like disinfectant, soap, toothbrushes, towels and sanitary products.
  • £100 could cover the cost of deploying a REACT Responder to a domestic emergency. In the UK, our Responders have assisted with everything from floods and pandemics, to power outages and refugee resettlement.
  • £1,200 could pay for a portable water purifier to provide a community experiencing disaster with life-saving clean water.
  • £3,800 could fund a generator to power essential community facilities like hospitals, enabling them to continue caring for local people during a disaster.

Join team REACT today!

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