Mayhew is an animal welfare charity working to improve the lives of dogs, cats and the people in our communities – at our Home in London and internationally.

Mayhew offers: 

  • Community support: helping people in our community through a number of unique programmes.
  • Rehome: helping dogs and cats find new forever homes.
  • Community Vet Clinic: providing preventative veterinary support to those in need.
  • International support: managing rabies and dog population as well as educating overseas.

Our projects range from controlling feral populations to rescuing abandoned animals. We also recognise that animal welfare issues and social welfare issues are linked. We work to protect the vital bond vulnerable people, the elderly, the homeless and those suffering from mental health issues have with their animals. And by taking our educational initiatives out to the community, we have a better chance of preventing cases of neglect, abandonment and cruelty.  

2018 statistics:

98 dogs rehomed
380 cats rehomed
12,109 neutering operations overseas
32,431 dog vaccinated against rabies overseas
24 vets trained
1,060 welfare cases handled
67 dogs reunited with their owners
704 TheraPaws visits

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