Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is a non-profit child protection organisation working globally to eliminate online child sexual abuse. Our team of dedicated analysts spend each and every day searching for and responding to public reports of suspected images and videos online showing the sexual abuse of children. We’re proud of the gold-standard welfare we provide for our analysts who do one of the hardest jobs in the world. We develop cutting-edge solutions to help us locate and assess imagery online but every image or video we classify is seen by our expert team with human eyes – we don’t solely rely on tech. We work in partnership with the tech community, law enforcement, government and NGOs worldwide to effectively prevent the circulation of criminal imagery online which can have a devastating impact on victims. We’re only able to achieve so much with the support and partnership of others so we encourage everyone to play their part, whether it is reporting to us, funding us or collaborating on technology and research. Help us stop the repeated victimisation of those abused in childhood by criminals who would seek to exploit and profit from the most vulnerable in society. 

£20 could support us to add web pages to our blocking list. This prevents children and adults from accidentally stumbling onto child sexual abuse photos and videos online.

£100 could support the IWF to issue several ‘Takedown Notices’ to companies hosting child sexual abuse imagery preventing repeat victimisation every time images of their abuse are viewed or shared online.

£250 as part of the IWF’s duty of care and well-being programme, two of the Hotline analysts could receive counselling sessions to help them cope with the distressing nature of their work.

£1000 could provide our analysts with some basic hardware technology needed to carry out their daily tasks of removing images of child sexual abuse.

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