SongBird Survival

Robin Run

21st Dec 2020

Close to home!

21 is our magic number – 21 is your goal! National Robin Day is the 21st December and Songbird Survival is in its 21st year of being a charity so we want you to do anything from 21 laps of a garden to spotting and feeding 21 robins or running 21miles or doing 21 nature walks with the children or reaching 2.1 miles each day with your dog by the 21st December 2020!  Everyone can get involved, it’s really easy to sign up and you can do any challenge that you set your mind to....all it has to do is revolve around the number 21 - 

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Robin Run

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Registrations for this event are not currently open, but we would love for you to run for us when they reopen. Please register and we will inform you about next year's event details as soon as they are released.

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