Spartan Beast - Scotland

Spartan Beast - Scotland

25th September 2021

Hopetoun Estate brings runners to a most  beautiful and historic Scottish estate. The manor home was constructed in the 18th century set amongst the  idyllic South Queensferry area, on the cusp of Edinburgh.

Don't be fooled by the natural beauty of the estate, Team Spartan Beast have used it's rugged terrain and historical suprises including Ancient artefacts and Castle ruins to create an obstacle course for the hardcore!

Think varied landscapes and high elevation points positioned to test you to the core, set in beautifully exquisite surroundings. 

The Spartan Beast Obstace Race: Want to let your inner beast run wild and challenge yourself in ways you never believed possible, then the Spartan Beast wasdesigned with you in mind.

The event is not for the faint hearted and spans over 14 miles with 35+ obstacles between your beast and the finish. We promis the Spartan Beast will challenge what you are made up of: will, speed, agility and resolve.

Designed to push you out of your comfort zones with suprising terrain and specially crafted Spartan obstacles. Are you ready to find your inner beast?