Run Tokyo Virtual

Run Tokyo Virtual

21st March 2021

The 4 x 4 Challenge This challenge can be completed in a team of 4 or on your own. It involves completing, 4 x 10.24km runs in a month, or a team of 4 taking on a 10.24km run either together or at different locations on the same day. Add all of your evidence to the runners portal and we will calculate your individual or team marathon time. This is a great challenge for groups of friends, work colleagues or individuals. 


6.36 miles (10.24 km) 4 times in a month to complete the marathon distance and receive your time

Team Submission

In a team, you are splitting the burden amongst friends or work colleagues.

As a team, you must complete 6.36 miles (10.24km) each, on the same day to record your time

On Completion you will be rewarded with your Run Tokyo Gold medal/medals.