Run Athens Virtual

Run Athens Virtual

21st February 2021

25 day Challenge - To complete this challenge you need to complete 1.048 miles every day for 25 days. 

If you record all of your times on each of the 25 days, you will complete your marathon distance 25 x 1.048 = 26.2 miles which will be submitted to the Run Athens Leader board.

On completion, you will be rewarded with the Run Athens Bronze Medal.

Special Marathon Challenge

To complete the special challenge for Run Athens you must complete your marathon time in under 3:18 minutes to beat the 1896 Summer Olympics winner Charilaos Vasilakos (3:18:00) of Greece who was the first man to win a competitive marathon race.

You will need to run your 1.048 miles in 6.9 minutes or quicker each day to complete this challenge, defeat Charilaos Vasilakos marathon time and be added to our special event leader board for the Athens Virtual Marathon Major.