R5ACH Charity Challenge

R5ACH Charity Challenge

1st September 2021 ‐ 30th September 2021

Walk it/run it/skip it/bike it/scoot it/dog-walk it/cartwheel it/swim it/ sew it/sing it/ play it/ride it/aeroplane it. This is your challenge, your way!
Help us to enrich the lives of children with upper limb differences and their families by joining the R5ACH CHARITY CHALLENGE and raising vital funds for Reach.
How to take part.
Do something awesome linked to the number 5……. (or any multiple of 5: 15, 25, 35…50….105…….500!)
Be as creative as you wish. Run 5k, or for 5 minutes… Read 500 pages; cycle, trike, or ride 50 laps; bake 5 cakes, sing 15 songs, cartwheel 25 times, be silent for 5 hours, take 50,000 steps throughout August - challenge yourself, have fun, and raise funds for REACH
Do it alone, with family, with friends, at summer school, at Reach Activity Week, with your pet, online, join in with other incredible fundraisers and have a blast while positively changing lives. 
Every penny you raise will go toward supporting and benefiting children with upper limb differences and their families. It will help us to continue to achieve our goals: to end loneliness, to educate and most importantly to have a constructive and lasting impact.

All participants will receive a very special Reach medal for their efforts.

Join in the fun in just 4 easy steps.

  1. Register on this page
  2. Set your challenge
  3. Set up your page on Just Giving (link provided when you register)
  4. Help raise awareness and funds for Reach